Dialogue #ToolBox India – July 2018 : ‘Hiring to Retention’

17 July, 2018

Dialogue #ToolBox India aims to bring Social Purpose Organizations and mission driven NPOS together to discuss and debate on issues that are often faced. The purpose is to bring in a bit more of insights into the ground realities, experiential learning and benchmarks that can bring in better understanding and allow for solutions to be developed by these organizations themselves.



The second Dialogue #Toolbox India in FY 2018-19 saw 4 of our NPO partners come together to debate on and share common challenges faced around human resource recruitment, talent mapping and retention within non-profit organisations with boot strapped budgets. Some of our volunteers also joined the session to share their ideas and inputs on the given topic, and also to gain insights into the major challenges faced by NPOs first hand. The session was facilitated by Manoj Chaudhari, who brings with him the experience and expertise around HR Management Strategies at Edelweiss, and moderated by Vijaya Balaji, CEO, Toolbox. The audience comprised of individuals majorly from the administrative departments of the NPOs, however, some founders and CEOs also joined the table. Each of the participating NPOs introduced their organisation and their programs before moving on to talk about the major challenges in staff management. The discussion was around the pressing challenge of skills gap, tight budgets of a non-profit and the resulting concern of overall sustainability of the organisation.


While the facilitator focused on the importance of creating a brand image to attract the right talent, what emerged as a major challenge was the lack of manpower and skilled individuals to build better visibility for Non-profits. What was also subsequently discussed was the effectiveness of communicating the need of the program and the skills required across hiring platforms. One of the highlights of the discussion was around how recruiting interns for specific programs can be an effective way of tapping skilled individuals taking into account also its cost-effectiveness. Young corporate volunteers present also shared their thoughts on retention and motivation to stay with an organisation.

There was an agreement on the significance of using technology in sourcing human resources and the need to focus on the quality of work, work environment and the individual needs of the employees.



The session also brought out the relevance of manpower planning, re-evaluating their budget constraints, focus on strategizing ways to optimize their human resources and also briefly touched upon the need to communicate the purpose and vision of the organisation.
The session ended with some key takeaways for NPOs:
● NPOs to conduct a ‘Stay factor Analysis’ exercise
● Mapping changing needs of individual employees
● Building capacity to cater to changing needs
● Manpower Planning
● Communication/ transference of knowledge
● Knowing your people


Participating NPOs: Vidyadhiraj High School, Jeevan Dhara, Suryoday School, MESCO Trust